Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting my website/ blog. My name is Sam Merlin. I am a filmmaker, photographer, and writer. Those are the titles I use to describe what I do, but like every human on this planet, I am much more complex than three words. Since a young age I have struggled with depression and anxiety, at times even contemplating and attempting suicide. Many people often say to not let depression define you, but I welcome it. My depression has led me to be the person I am today. It has forced me to find my voice through creative outlets at times when my voice lacked strength. Of course I would wish for the pain, the daily struggle through each day, to end, but I try to rework that pain into a positive light. I look at how prevailing through tough times has strengthened me, pushed me to work harder for happiness. 

I decided to create MERLINMADE as a way for me to share my stories. Often when talking about my struggle I will open my mouth but no words come out, a scenario many of us with depression know all too well. Instead I found my voice, a way to express myself, through writing and visual storytelling. This venture I'm taking with this blog, my photography and films is a therapeutic activity for me. I am also choosing to share my stories with others in hope that it will help those in similar situations as me. I do not claim to have all the answers, to know a cure to the sadness and emptiness. To be honest, I find myself wondering where I'm going and what I'm doing the majority of the time, lost in a constant state of confusion. But perhaps these stories I share can offer comfort to others, letting them know they are not alone. And perhaps inspire others to shout out their voice, to fight for their happiness and share their own stories. The more voices that speak out about the struggles of depression, the more we destigmatize mental illness and open a door for a thoughtful conversation on the issue.